Romanian Minister murdered by the Iron Guards

Romanian Minister Iron Guards

Victor Iamandi was born on 15 Feb 1891 in Hodora village, town Cotnari, Iasi county and died between 26 and 27 November 1940 in Jilava prison. He was a lawyer, professor, and politician. Bachelor of Law and the Faculty of Letters, History, University of Iasi (1913-19l4). Practice law and was appointed professor of history at the National High School in Iasi. PNL member (National Liberal Party) since the end of World War I, became a deputy in 1922 and has led several ministerial positions in the governments.

  • Undersecretary of State
  • Ministry of Interior (5 Jan – 1 Oct 1934)
  • Secretary of State (2 Oct 1934 – 29 Aug 1936)
  • Minister of Religious Affairs and Arts (29 Aug 1936 – 28 Dec 1937)
  • Minister of Education and ad -int. Cults and Arts (concomitantly, 10 Feb – 30 Mar 1938)
  • Minister of Justice (30 Mar 1938 – 23 Nov 1939)
  • Royal Advisory (23 Nov 1939)
  • Member of the Executive FRN – National Renaissance Front (20 Jan 1939)

After the abdication of the monarch (6 Sept 1940), he was killed by the Iron Guard (Legion) in the Jilava Massacre on the night of 26/27 Nov 1940 among former other officials. Sixty-four political detainees were killed by the Iron Guard, with further high-profile assassinations in the immediate aftermath.

These are his two passports.

Passport 1933 as Member of Parliament. Visas: Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, and France

Romanian Minister Iron Guards

Diplomatic Passport 1934 as Secretary of State including his beautiful wife Anna.
Diplomatic visas: several Germany, several France, several Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Hungary, and British Passport Control – Paris

Romanian Minister Iron Guards

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