Royal Belgian passports of young Prince/Princess

Belgian diplomatic passport, 21 February 1951, to the Prince and later King of Belgium, Baudouin. The document has 29 pages, 7 of which show visa stamps and the Belgian diplomatic passport, 14 April 1949, to the Princess of Belgium, Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg. The document has 29 pages, 3 of which show visa/stamps. Royal Belgian passports Prince/Princess


Royal Belgian passports Prince/Princess
The passports were auctioned for 7800 EUR (Prince) and 2600 EUR (Princess) in 2006.


Baudouin, Albert, Charles, Léopold, Axel, Marie, Gustave, Count of Hainaut, was born at the Chateau of Stuyvenberg, near Brussels, on 7 September 1930. He was the second child of H.M. Leopold III, King of the Belgians, and of H.M. Astrid, born Princess of Sweden. A tragic climbing accident claimed the life of his grandfather King Albert I. On the accession to the throne of his father, King Leopold III, on 23 February 1934, the young Prince received the title ” Duke of Brabant “.

On 29 August 1935, the Prince lost his mother, Queen Astrid, who died in a car accident at Küssnacht, Switzerland. King Leopold and his children left the Chateau of Stuyvenberg, and moved into the Royal Chateau of Laeken. Royal Belgian passports Prince/Princess

On 10 May 1940, at the time when Belgium was being invaded, Prince Baudouin, accompanied by his elder sister Princess Josephine-Charlotte and his younger brother Prince Albert, left the country first for France and then Spain. The Princes returned to Belgium on 2 August. They continued their studies until 1944, either at Laeken, or at the Chateau of Ciergnon in the Ardennes.

In June 1944, at the time of the Allied landings, Leopold III, Princess Lilian – who he married in 1941 – and the royal children were deported by the Germans to Hirschstein in Germany, and later to Strobl in Austria, where they were liberated by the American Army on 7 May 1945. Due to the political situation in Belgium, King Leopold and his family moved to the villa “Le Reposoir” in Pregny, Switzerland, when they left Austria in October 1945. They would stay there until July 1950. Meanwhile, the Prince continued his education at a secondary school in Geneva. In 1948, he carried out a journey to the United States. Royal Belgian passports Prince/Princess

King Leopold III, accompanied by Prince Baudouin and Prince Albert, returned to Belgium on 22 July 1950. On 1 August of the same year, the Sovereign decided to ask the Government and Parliament to vote on a law delegating his powers to his son, Prince Baudouin, Duke of Brabant, who became Royal on 11 August.

On 17 July 1951, the Prince Royal swore the constitutional oath and became the fifth King of the Belgians. On 31 July 1993, the King died in Motril in the south of Spain. The King suffered a heart attack while the royal couple was on holiday in their Spanish residence. Royal Belgian passports Prince/Princess

Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg (born Princess Joséphine-Charlotte of Belgium; 11 October 1927 – 10 January 2005) was the Grand Duchess consort of Luxembourg as the wife of Grand Duke Jean. She was the first child of King Leopold III of Belgium, and sister of the late King Baudouin and former King Albert II and aunt of King Philippe. She was also the first cousin of King Harald V of Norway.


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