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A fellow collector asked me to support him in finding a new home for the following unusual documents.

Albania1943Passport (Kingdom of Italy, Albania, and Empire of Ethiopia). Issued for a couple in Struge, now located in Macedonia.670
Australia1913NEW SOUTH WALES. Visas for Belgium and Germany. Father and two daughters. Excellent condition and pretty RARE!900
British India1946Passport, many trips / visa to Lorenzo Marques (Maputo) in Colony of Mozambique580
British Palestine1940Valid from 1940-1945 for a female DRESSMAKER. GREAT CONDITION. NO TRAVELS175
Bulgaria1928Nansen passport booklet for Russian woman born in Nagasaki, Japan860
China1964Young girl traveling to North Korea! Visa! Unusual great condition!1600
Finland1865Finland as Grand Duchy of Russia. The large double-folio document is written in Swedish and German language. Issued under Alexander II, emperor and ruler of all Russia, Tsar of Poland, Grand Prince of Finland. A most rare passport type and a highlight in the collection of any collector of historical travel documents.SOLD
Protective Jews Oppenheimer.
Two documents with signatures and seals, Hoffenheim (OT Sinsheim), 1795-1810.
German manuscripts on paper, 6 p. on 6 sheets, c. 34 x 21 cm, browned.

1) Promissory note of Johann Adam Schäffler, a citizen of Hoffenheim, who lends 225 guldens at 5% annual interest from the protective Jew Löw Oppenheimer (1740-1800). Hoffenheim (OT Sinsheim), 17 March 1795. German manuscript on paper, 2 pp. on 2 sheets, c. 34 x 21 cm, browned. Signed by the debtor Schäffler and the baron von Gemmingenschen Amtsmann Herrmann, who also seals the document. On the reverse is an inscription in Hebrew letters.

2) Oppenheimer, Sara. Will with signature, Hoffenheim (OT Sinsheim), 17 August 1810. German manuscript on paper, 4 p. on 4 sheets, c. 34 x 20.5 cm, browned, creases at margins. Testament of Sara Oppenheimer (1751-1814), widow of the protective Jew Isaak (Itzig) Oppenheimer (1744-1810), who leaves her entire fortune to her son Emanuel bedridden, but "with quite good and correct understanding", since her remaining five children had already been brought to the point. Made out and signed by the clerk Carl Hess, with eigh. U. the Sara O as well as four witnesses (Schultheiß Kapp, Johannes König des Gerichts, Johannes Egler and Wilhelm Flick), who also seal the document. - With the very rare fiscal stamp "KUR BAD:" to 30 Kreuzer (cf. Eckert/Morscheck/Wagner, Stempelgesetze und Gebühren in Baden von 1628 bis 1952, Leipzig 2015, p. 97 No. 4). - The will was made by the "Jewish leader" Zacharias Oppenheimer (1773-1827, cloth manufacturer).

Isaak Oppenheimer was the younger brother of Löw Oppenheimer. Both parents were Rabbi Zacharias Oppenheimer Hoffenheim and Klara Freud. The cloth manufacturer Zacharias was her nephew.

The Oppenheimer family is one of the most important Jewish families in history. They were related to the Wertheimer, Cohen, Gomperz, and Guggenheim families, produced numerous scholars and bankers, and were of great importance in international high finance and politics.
Germany1823Grand Duchy of Baden. issued June 28, 1823. Single sheet. (17'' x 10.5'' – 43.5 x 27 cm). Language : French and German. 150
Germany1916Consular issue, Constantinople. Very interesting!75
Germany1923Large stamp - FOR OCCUPIED TERRITORIES! RARE! Issued in Kehl, Germany. Excellent condition.40
Germany1923GERMAN COLONIALISM! Issued in South Africa, PRETORIA, renewed there until 1926. RARE!40
Lithuania193xSPECIMEN, like newSOLD
Memel1921Very rare MEMEL TERRITORY PASSPORT - well-traveled! Issued 1921 for a ROSA RUBLIN and her 14 yo son. Several MEMEL stamps, VISA GERMANY issued at the German consulate in Memel, PALESTINE issued by the British in DANZIG (!) Stamp East Prussia - Tilsit Train Station. VISA ITALY, AUSTRIA, LITHUANIA (incl. revenue stamps).

Attention: The entry in the personal description for HAIR is interesting as it says BROWN WIG! A MEMEL PASSPORT IS ALREADY RARE but in this constellation even more so!
North Korea (DPRK)1948Identity card for man, listing 5 children1150
Russia1857Alexander II. Double-Folio in Russian/German.250
San Marino1929Passport for Immigrant to USA. Interior booklet is loose from cover.
Scotland1857Issued in Edinburgh to Daniel Stevens traveling to CUBA!
A very rare passport and a unique chance for any collector.
Switzerland1923Albert EINSTEIN passport. COLLECTOR'S EDITION75
Thailand1964Early Thai passport, when they were still issued in THAI and FRENCH language, instead of ENGLISH! RARE! Unusual great condition for this type. Girl student 21 yo to MALAYSIA.75
United Kingdom1925Issued in NEW YORK. No travel. Excellent.40
United Kingdom1945Unusual set of documents including a UK passport issued to British Red Cross Ambulance driver MAJORIE MCMAHON on 30 APRIL 1945! Probably one of the last UK passports issued during WWII, just a week before the German surrender and end of WWII in Europe!SOLD
USA, State of Maine1842Citizenship document with seal. RARE!75




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