Swiss Journeyman book of Canton Schwyz 1874

This beautiful Journeyman book and passport from the small Swiss canton of Schwyz came in, and I love it. It is in great condition for its age of 146 years, and six of 36 pages have entries. The 20 years old journeyman, Peter Hegner, was a CHEESEMAKER! Swiss Journeyman book Schwyz

The graphic design of the journeyman’s book, which is at the same time also a passport, is fantastic. The inner cover shows large lithography with details of the canton and its cities. The first entry is from 1874 and the last from 1900.

Swiss Journeyman book Schwyz

In the past, I have seen many of such WANDER BOOKS in different conditions and forms, well used and empty, simple and fancy ones. But I never saw one for a Cheesemaker. As Peter was Swiss, we could assume he only can be a Cheesemaker or a Watchmaker, right? 😉 I guess Swiss bankers did never wander around, haha… Swiss Journeyman book Schwyz

The canton of Schwyz is a canton in central Switzerland between the Alps in the south, Lake Lucerne to the west, and Lake Zürich in the north, centered on and named after the town of Schwyz.

It is one of the founding cantons of Switzerland; Switzerland’s name is derived from the name of the canton, and the flag of Switzerland from its coat of arms. For the history of the name, see Schwyz. The Swiss Federal Charter is on display in Schwyz. Northeast of the town of Schwyz is the Einsiedeln Abbey. Swiss Journeyman book Schwyz

Perhaps on 1 August 1291, the cantons of Schwyz, Uri, and Unterwalden entered into an Eternal Alliance that would eventually become the Swiss Confederation. The Federal Charter of 1291 was probably prompted by the death of Rudolf I of Habsburg on 15 July 1291 and created a defensive alliance. The Rütlischwur (Oath of the Rütli) was another alliance between the Forest Cantons in or around 1308 and brought the cantons closer together. The canton of Schwyz took the leadership in the confederation early on.  Swiss Journeyman book Schwyz

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