Thai Passport Rear Admiral Kulkamthorn

Thai Passport Admiral Kulkamthorn ชลิต กุลกำธร,นิกสัน
At an event of Thai military enthusiasts I could find this outstanding travel document. I did not expect to find there something and just went there for fun. But was surprised and glad to find the passport of retired Rear Admiral Chalit Kulkamthorn from 1975.

The table shows a large lot of belongings of Rear Admiral Chalit Kunkamthon

Biography ชลิต กุลกำธร,นิกสัน

Rear Admiral Chalit Kulkamthorn (1 April 1901 – 20 July 1996), former minister, former deputy commander of the Royal Thai Navy Former Mayor of Bangkok Municipality former member of the House of Representatives Phra Nakhon Province , former member of the People’s Party , Navy, and one of the founders of the Manhattan Rebellion.

Rear Admiral Chalit was born on Monday, April 1, 1901 in Bang Kacha Subdistrict, Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi Province . His father’s name was Ku , his mother’s name was Rian , and he had an older brother named Zeng and a younger sister named Manee. He was married to Mrs. Sam-Ang Kulkamthorn and they have 8 sons and daughters.


Rear Admiral Chalit graduated from elementary school in Chanthaburi Province. before studying at the secondary level in Bangkok at Wat Pathumkongka School or Pathumkongka School. He then went on to study at Naval Academy in 1917 until graduating in 1922, with the last position in civil service life being Deputy Commander of the Navy.  His famous classmate was Luang Thamrongnawasawat (Thawan Thareesawat), later Rear Admiral Thawan Thamrongnawasawat, member of the the People’s Party, Navy line and former 8th Prime Minister of Siam/Thailand. ชลิต กุลกำธร,นิกสัน

Revolution and political life

In the Siamese revolution on Friday, June 24, 1932, Rear Admiral Chalit, who at that time had the rank of Navy Lieutenant, was in charge of supervising important persons along with one Navy comrade and two Army officers.

After that, he was graciously appointed as a member of the 1st set of members of the House of Representatives as a type 2 representative from the appointment on November 15, 1933, at the age of 32. Therefore, he was appointed as a member of the House of Representatives, type 2, until August 31, 1945, and thus retired from the position of type 2 representative.

In the 11th Siam/Thai Cabinet, with Major Khuang Aphaiwong as Prime Minister Rear Admiral Chalit, who at that time had the rank of Navy Lieutenant , held a position as a temporary minister on August 2, 1944 and retired from the position on the same day that he retired from the position of People’s Representatives Type 2. Thai Passport Admiral Kulkamthorn


Rear Admiral Chalit opposed the coup on November 8, 1947 and the coup on April 6, 1948, thus joining the Manhattan Rebellion , led by Lieutenant Commander Manat Jarupa. on June 24, 1951, but failed, resulting in a clearance in the Royal Thai Navy on July 2, 1951, causing Admiral Sin Kamolnawin, the naval commander at that time, and nine naval officer seniors to retire from office. One of them, including Rear Admiral Chalit, who was in office at that time. Deputy Commander of the Navy.

When the Democrat Party was established in 1955, Admiral Chalit came to apply for membership in the Democratic Party and ran for elections on December 15, 1957 in the area of ​​Phra Nakhon Province. He was elected as a member of the Phra Nakhon Provincial House of Representatives but held office for less than a year, leaving office when a revolution broke out under the leadership of Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat, army commander and supreme commander on Monday night. on October 20, 1958. ชลิต กุลกำธร,นิกสัน


In 1968, there was an election of the mayor of the Bangkok municipality. Rear Admiral Chalit and his team were sent to run for election. As a result, the Democratic Party won and Chalit served as mayor of the Bangkok municipality. Thai Passport Admiral Kulkamthorn

In 1976, 75-year-old Admiral Chalit was graciously appointed to serve as a member of the National Administrative Reform Council after the revolution under the leadership of Admiral Sangad Chaloryu . He held the office for only one year, had to retire when the revolution happened again. By Thursday, October 20, 1977 Rear Admiral Chalit was no longer involved in politics.

Death Thai Passport Admiral Kulkamthorn

Rear Admiral Chalit passed away on July 20, 1996 at the age of 95 years, 3 months and 19 days, with a royal cremation ceremony at Wat That Thong crematorium on Saturday, November 2, 1996.

Picture Gallery ชลิต กุลกำธร,นิกสัน

ชลิต กุลกำธร,นิกสัน Siam 

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