Free City of Danzig Passport History

The Free City of Danzig History including its Passport History

The website has everything that you need to know about the Free City of Danzig. Besides the excellent gallery of the three passport types in seven versions (direct link here…), you will find vast information, media, and much more about the city. Truly an excellent site. I did enjoy reading… Last but not least you will find displayed also an “Alien Passport” version which is most rare to find (and still missing in my collection).

According to the Art. 105 of the Treaty of Versailles, German nationals ordinarily resident in this territory ipso facto lost their German nationality in order to become nationals of the Freie Stadt Danzig. Freie Stadt Danzig ‘Free City Danzig’ gave its citizens the passes that documented that confirmed the nationality and entitled the owners to cross the international borders. Further, you can see a variety of three (3) different types of passports in seven (7) variations of the Freie Stadt Danzig – ‘Free City Danzig’. You will find a great variety of visas, border cancels, money transfers, even Freie Stadt Danzig and Polish ‘Revenue’ stamps used as taxation.

The Free City of Danzig History including its Passport History


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