The Life Of a US Diplomatic Courier

The Life Of a US Diplomatic Courier – Ten Million Miles – 197 Countries

Robert “Bob” LaPlante spent four decades as a U.S. Diplomatic Courier, during which time he logged over ten million miles traveling in 197 countries. Now, for the very first time in print, one of history’s most traveled men records his experiences for the world to share.

Bob LaPlante will thrill fans of biography as he recounts how, over the years, he met many of the luminaries of this century. Whether recalling his encounters with Ernest Hemingway in Venice, Albert Schweitzer in East Africa, President Harry Truman in Washington, or the time he was a backstage guest of Duke Ellington in Germany, Bob LaPlante is always great company. US Diplomatic Courier

Sharing the many exotic locales he visited over his long career, the reader feels as if he or she is right there with the Ten Million Mile Man as he relates his tales of adventure. Skiing out of control in Andorra, fishing in Greenland, minding the shop for a currency exchanger in Kuwait, being stranded for the night in the sub-arctic wilderness, narrowly escaping a time bomb while in the company of his son in Frankfurt, being caught in an Afghanistan village following a devastating flash flood: these are just a few of the hair-raising stories that Bob LaPlante recalls in his memoirs.

Bob LaPlante was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1924. He attended universities in both America and Europe and holds both a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s in Scandinavian history. During World War II he served as a naval combat officer. US Diplomatic Courier

Bob LaPlante served under ten presidents from Truman to Clinton as a U.S. Diplomatic Courier. He has also worked as an explorer, a pilot, an archaeologist, and a jazz musician.


US Diplomatic Courier

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