Third Reich Diplomatic Passport Sophie Schulze-Bernett

Third Reich Diplomatic Passport Sophie Schulze-Bernett

Following up on her son’s passport here comes Sophie’s German diplomatic passport issued at the Foreign Office in Berlin 24 August 1942. The wording in the document says…

“Issued to Sophie Schulze-Bernett, spouse of the “adjutant” of the military attache at the German embassy in Turkey, Lieutenant Colonel”

Her husband Walter Schulze-Bernett was everything else than a adjutant !

He was the Head Of The Dutch Section Of The Abwehr (German Military Intelligence) lastly in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel stationed in the Netherlands 1938-1941, then from 1941-1943 head of the Middle East in Ankara. He joined the Abwehr in 1935 and was a Top man of Canaris’ Abwehr.

Here is a picture of her passport. Other pages showing diplomatic visas from Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey. The German diplomatic visa are including travelling via Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Serbia and Croatia. Also again her son Gustav was included in her diplomatic passport.

Germany Diplomatic 1942

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