Union of South Africa Passport 1923

If you see this precious piece you could think the passport is covered in Elephant leather (which is of course not the case). Meet Shopkeeper David Weinberg, born in Lithuania in 1894. His Union of South Africa Passport was issued in Pretoria 19th November 1923 and that makes the document today 90 years old. As you all know I do collecting for quite a while but believe me a Union of South Africa Passports is something special and not at all common.

Especially look at the travels David did.

  • Lithuanian visa issued in Hamburg 1924
  • German visa issued in Pretoria 1923
  • Look at the Lithuanian and the South African Revenues (!)
  • British Passport Office in Riga – Visa for Palestine 1925 (via Germany, Italy, France, Romania)
  • German visa 1925 issued in Riga
  • Government of Palestine issued in Jaffa 1925
  • and finally, his visa back to South Africa via Egypt issued in Jerusalem 1925

What a journey for this young man at age 30.

The Union of South Africa is the historic predecessor to the present-day Republic of South Africa. It came into being on 31 May 1910 with the unification of four previously separate British colonies: the CapeNatalTransvaal and Orange River colonies. It included the territories formerly part of the Boer republics annexed in 1902, the South African Republic and the Orange Free State.

Following the First World War, the Union of South Africa was granted the administration of South West Africa (formerly a German colony and today the sovereign state of Namibia) as a League of Nations mandate, which became treated in most respects as if it were another province of the Union, but never was formally annexed.

The Union of South Africa was a self-governing autonomous dominion of the British Empire. Its independence from Britain was confirmed in the Balfour Declaration 1926 and the Statute of Westminster 1931. It was governed under a form of constitutional monarchy, with the Crown represented by a governor-general. The Union came to an end with the enactment of a new constitution on 31 May 1961, by which it became a republic and left the Commonwealth, under the new name Republic of South Africa.

Union of South Africa Passport 1923

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