Unique Alien Passport – German Empire – Fremden-Pass

Unique Alien Passport – German Empire – Fremden-Pass, November 1946, for a Austrian born lady which occupation is mentioned as “Film cutter”. Born in Zistersdorf/Austria which is near the Czech and Slovak border. Issued in Überlingen/Germany which is near Lake Constance. 

This document is very unusual and not a standard Alien passport at all. As the text on the document indicates, the document was issued as substitute document due to the lack of original forms, which was the last type of Nazi Alien passport booklet with 32 pages. Of course the local government in Überlingen did not wish to use the old Nazi forms, even someone can find nowadays such old over labeled Nazi passports, where the Swastika is hidden. Right after the war and even till end of 1946 such provisional documents were issued. Such documents are rare in the transition period between the end of the German Reich and the Federal Republic of Germany.

German Alien passport 1946 German Alien passport 1946

The normal Alien passports had 32 pages and were issued to foreigners residing in the Reich, mostly stateless persons and often forced laborers. 99% of Alien passports were never used for travel and had only the function of a resident permit. Such booklets showing foreign travels or even issued abroad are very rare.

Unique Alien Passport – German Empire – Fremden-Pass

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