US History – Philippines Islands Passport

US History – Philippines Islands Passport

I guess not many people in the USA today know that the Philippines once were US territory. After the Spanish–American War the Philippines were acquired from Spain and remained US territory from 1898-1946. This passport is from the period of the Insular Government (1901-1935) when Francis Burton Harrison was Governor General of the Philippines. He was by the way the longest serving Governor General of the Philippines (1913-1921) appointed by the President of the United States of America Woodrow Wilson. Harrison was a prominent advisor to the Philippine Commonwealth president and the first four Presidents of the Philippines. He is the only former Governor-General of the Philippines to be awarded Philippine citizenship.

By the way also the eldest son of President Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., was Governor General of the Philippines from 1932-1933.

The passport issued 1916 is a pretty rare piece and comes in excellent condition. Once issued to a woman of the name Maude Dale traveling to China and Japan, signed by Harrison in person. Visa on back. The seal is slightly clipped to make the passport obsolete but this clipping is not disturbing at all. A very nice document for advanced collectors.

US Philippines Islands 1916-r100

US Philippines Islands 1916a-r100

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