US passport of a woman with a pretty unique cover

U.S. passport unique cover

US passport unique cover

Not often do you find such a pretty customized travel document. I saw this passport randomly at an auction platform, and the cover instantly got my attention. The price was reasonable, the document condition is excellent, so I bought it. The bearer’s name is on the front cover handwritten with a golden pen, which is very unusual!

Could you personalize your passport today in the same way? Inevitably, not as such alternations result in the invalidity of your travel document. But obviously in 1953, when this passport was issued it was possible. A probably unique U.S. passport. I will ask my contacts at the State Department if they have any more information on such customization. U.S. passport unique cover

The passport was issued to CATHERINE PATTON CLARK from Bridgeport, VA born Aug 20, 1908. She traveled only in 1953 to several countries like Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, the UK, Sweden, Italy, and France. U.S. passport unique cover

Initially, a U.S.passport was issued for two years, although by the 1950s on application by the holder a passport could be stamped so this time was extended without reissue. Stamping for a further extension is not permitted at present. Also, extension pages are no longer added to passports. If your passport runs out of pages you need to apply for a new one. U.S. passports nowadays are valid for all countries, EXCEPT NORTH KOREA!

And did you know? U.S. passports changed the cover colors over the years from black to red to green to blue. U.S. passport unique cover


US passport unique coverUS passport unique cover








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  1. Dear Tom,
    I wonder if there was any reason for having the bearer’s name on the front cover. However, I’m quite certain that it was handwritten by her Catharine herself.
    Best regards,

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