USSR Diplomatic Passport – Igor Y. Andropov

USSR Diplomatic Passport Andropov
USSR Diplomatic Passport Andropov

Diplomat, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary; born on August 18, 1941, son of the former General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU Yu. V. Andropovgraduated from MGIMO, candidate of historical sciences; from 1974-1979 – in scientific and pedagogical work at the Diplomatic Academy of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs; from 1979-1984 – employee of the central apparatus of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs; from 1984-1986 – Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the USSR in Greece; since 1986-1997 – Ambassador-at-Large of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then the Russian Foreign Ministry; worked at the Institute of Social Sciences under the Central Committee of the CPSU, at the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR and the Russian Federation in various positions; was ambassador to Greece; diplomatic rank – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary; awarded the Order “Badge of Honor”, the Medal “For Strengthening the Combat Commonwealth”; son of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov. His first marriage was to Tatyana Vladimirovna Kvardakova (since 1968), then to actress Lyudmila Chursina (since 1987). He had children, Konstantin and Tatyana; he died June 13, 2006. USSR Diplomatic Passport Andropov

USSR Diplomatic Passport Andropov

Official information about the death and funeral of the Secretary General’s son appeared only a week after his death, and the civil memorial service was held “in secrecy.” However, there were a lot of people: the ex-chairman of the KGB of the USSR Kryuchkov, relatives, friends from MGIMO, which graduated from Igor Andropov, and former colleagues at the Foreign Ministry.

Yuri Andropov himself, Secretary-General of the CPSU and former head of the KGB, died in 1984. After a long treatment, his kidneys failed. The Central Clinical Hospital in Kuntsevo became his office and home. He had a VCR in his room. When the doctors found him watching a movie about James Bond, the Secretary-General was terribly embarrassed. USSR Diplomatic Passport Andropov

Andropov died before reaching the age of seventy. Only after his death did it become known that the KGB chief wrote poetry, loved English and American novels, and dreamed of becoming a captain while studying at the river technical school.


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