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Vintage passport collecting is a niche hobby that appeals to history buffs, collectors, and those interested in the evolution of travel documentation. Such travel documents are often highly sought after for their historical significance and unique design features. For example, some of the earliest passports were simple handwritten documents, while others from the 20th century feature intricate engravings and watermarks.

Passports issued during wars, revolutionary periods, or other significant historical events may have unique stamps, visas, or other annotations that make them especially valuable to collectors. Every collector should define a collection focus. Remember, quality before quantity!

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CountryYearDescription (💥 = rare)Price EUR
Australia🆕1913💥Very rare early folio from New South Wales. Pictures600
USA1840💥Seamen Protection Certificate (Passport) issued by George Bancroft. Article & Picture200
USA1974💥Puerto Rico Issue! Pretty Rare!
Visas to Portugal, Name correction. Pictures
Canada1940💥For travel to the USA only, incl. Nonresident Alien's Border Crossing Identification Card. Pictures900
Germany1870💥 PASSVEREIN BAVARIA with interesting visas. The passport union was established between several states before the German Empire. Pictures225
Germany1935Child passport (girl) issued in Aachen. Pictures35
Germany1939💥Grenzempfehlung for Egyptian Princess, expiring days before WWII begins. LINK300
China1964💥Including DPRK (Norrth Korea) Visa! For a young student girl. Extremely rare! Pictures1200
Japan1935Japanese Empire, for a young woman in Kimono. Beautiful. Outstanding!gone
Austria1916Franz Joseph, Lemberg OVERSTAMP >>> Republic of Poland! Warzone!gone
Germany1944Diplomatic passport of a high ranking government officialgone
Germany1915German Empire, Bavariagone
Germany1951With entry "Gunshot wound". Very curious!gone
Spain1854Travel to Francegone
USA1895Embassy St.Petersburg, Russiagone
USSR1948Russian Soviet Military ID USSR - Officer fought in STALINGRADgone
USA1953With GOLDEN SIGNATURE ON COVER! - Attractive Woman. UNUSUAL.gone

Vintage Passport Collectible Offers


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