Yugoslavian Passport History 1945-1992 (Video)

Yugoslavian Passport History

The Yugoslav passport was given to Yugoslav nationals who wanted to travel internationally. During the Cold War, it was also regarded as “one of the most convenient in the communist world, since it was one among the few that allowed a person to travel freely between East and West.” The video shows the different passport types from 1945 to 1992. The first type from 1945 is nowadays pretty rare to find. Yugoslavian Passport History


Each constituent country maintained its registry of people and issued a somewhat different form of passports under the Yugoslav federal system. Yugoslav passports produced in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia were printed in Macedonian and French rather than Serbo-Croatian. In contrast, those issued in the Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo were printed in Albanian, Serbian, and French. Yugoslavian Passport History

I also have a group passport-type, as shown in the video, in my collection. Collective or group passports are a type of travel document that is no longer used due to tighter passport regulations. Hence, such travel documents are rare.

These documents are great collectibles of the Cold War with interesting stamps, revenues, and visas from countries that no longer exist.

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