Fake United Nations Diplomatic Passport

Fake United Nations Passport

There are a lot of passports online. One thing which I never understand that people are keen to publish their new passport, including FULL personal data proudly! NEVER do this with your document as such data can easily be used for fraud, plus someone could bring it’s bearer really in trouble by reporting the passport as lost or stolen because you have all details. And now image the legit bearer is abroad shows its passport at a checkpoint, and they tell its reported lost or even worse stolen. I don’t want to be in such a situation. Do you?

Another thing was recently this FAKE (Bogus) UNITED NATIONS – SPECIAL AGENCY DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT. I was challenging the Instagram user asking for which “special agency” he is working. His answer – “I can’t discuss with you unless you send me your security clearance.” Haha, what a joke! I could prove to him that his document was a fake, and then he blocked me. Fake United Nations Passport

The following document is a 100% FAKE (BOGUS) Passport!

Fake United Nations Passport

UN (United Nations) passports are issued as “LAISSEZ-PASSER” and are usually BLUE. Only the Secretary-General and directors do hold a RED document! However, these are ALWAYS a LAISSEZ-PASSER and NEVER have an imprint on the cover stating “DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT” or “SPECIAL AGENCY.” Plus, the Logo with the globe is different than the original UN Logo. Fake United Nations Passport

It’s shocking and somehow disturbing that you can find many websites offering “Genuine” passports or Bogus documents like this. They even run e.g., Facebook and Google ads. CRAZY!


Fantasy and Camouflage Passports

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  1. Not exactly correct info LP is normally for UNO United Nations organizations where the other is for an agency within UN and is named UNA, so the passport is not necessarily fake. But it always comes in Blue and not red as there is no one within UNA that is higher ranked than Colonel.
    Best regards
    Lt. Cdr Larsen

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