Nazi Passport 1938 to USA-Guatemala-Italy

This Nazi German passport was issued in 1938, the same day Adolf Hitler had his birthday, April 20. Issued to a consular apprentice at the German consulate in New York, who became the later consular secretary at the consulate in Mexico.

  • German Nazi Departmental Passport issued at the German Foreign Office in Berlin on April 20, 1938
  • issued to 25 years old Friedrich Wilhelm Döll
  • Döll was a resident of Naples, Italy, which explains the US consular visa from there
  • then moved to his post in New York, USA (see the handwritten entry on page two “Residence New York officially confirmed, September 12, 1938”)
  • US visa from the consulate in Naples dated August 29, 1938
  • page six shows some exchange control stamps
  • page seven, an official visa for Mexico issued in their consulate in New York dated December 19, 1939
  • page nine, a US visa issued in Mexico on February 23, 1940
  • page ten has an official visa for Panama issued in Mexico on January 16, 1941
  • page eleven – Guatemala visa issued in Mexico on January 18, 1941
  • page thirteen – official visa Guatemala issued in Guatemala on January 25, 1941, and exit stamp January 27, 1941
  • page fifteen – entry stamp for Portugal on May 16, 1942
  • page thirty-two – Italian exit stamp September 3, 1938

Additional documents (which are usually rare to spot) are…

  • ID card “Member of staff, German consulate in New York” from November 3, 1939
  • ID card “German Foreign Office” from June 16, 1942, with his picture
  • ID card “German consulate Mexico” from 1941
  • Drivers license Mexico
  • Drivers license USA German Nazi Passport 1938

A Departmental Passport (Ministerialpass) is ranked on the level of a diplomatic passport but is issued for higher-ranking government officials below the position of a diplomat; however, such passport types are rare to find, and this one has beautiful visas and comes with further seldom to see documents. German Nazi Passport 1938

A Boy In Nazi Occupied Netherlands

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