German Passport issued by SS in Oslo

german passport SS Norway

German Passport 1945 issued by SS-Hauptsturmführer & Commander Security Police (SD) german passport SS Norway

Here comes a most interesting document which tells the journey of a woman working for *NORDAG” in Oslo, Norway.

Ruth Balzer was born 1917 in Berlin Schöneberg. Her workbook (Arbeitsbuch) shows her professional life. The first entry is from 1936 when she was an apprentice (clerk) for 2 years at the company of Bruno Mädler, Berlin. Then working with Mädler for another year till April 1939 before she moved to another company for one and a half years.

On 15 April 1941, she started her employment with NORDAG (Nordische Aluminium Aktiengesellschaft) in Berlin. She was then in the same month sent to the NORDAG headquarters in Oslo, Norway to work there also as a clerk. Her employment ended on 30 June 1945.

Arbeitsbuch Balzer 1936 NORDAG-005

*NORDAG was an undertaking during World War II, which had the objective to develop the aluminum industry in areas controlled by Germany. The German company Nordische Aluminium Aktiengesellschaft (Nordic Aluminium corporation), a short form Nordag, was created in late 1940 in Berlin. Capital for the establishment of the company came mostly from the German Reichsluftfahrtministerium to produce airplanes. Later in May 1941, it established a Norwegian subsidiary A / S Nordag.

Her passport was issued on 23 April 1945 in Oslo by an SS-Hauptsturmführer and commander of the Security Police (SD) and was valid for one year. As a German, she interned for a few months at a camp in Nordseter. Look at the entries on pages 30 to 32. A very rare passport! german passport SS Norway

I have to thank again my German fellow collector who bought this unique document to my attention and made it possible to acquire it. Enjoy the pictures…


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