A most interesting email from a reader

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A Romanian gentlemen, who occasionally visits thrift stores wrote an email to me, which indeed surprised me – and I get plenty of reader emails. He told me that especially Germany is sending it’s “garbage” from household cleanings to Romania for disposal. According to him, someone can find everything in there. From antique books and documents to even passports.

German law actually forbids to “reuse” personal documents. They can’t be taken from “apartment cleaners” and must be destroyed. But if there is no judge, then there is no judgement. From these large garbage collection warehouses, items are sold in bulk to thrift stores, and guess what did he found there – in Romania? German passports! But not any passports, but the travel documents and diaries of Hans Martin Schleyer and his wife Waltrude. Readers Emails Website Schleyer

Schleyer was kidnapped on 5 September 1977 by the far left Red Army Faction (Rote Armee Fraktion, RAF) and subsequently murdered; his driver and police escort of three policemen were also killed when his car was ambushed.

How the heck ended his German passport from 1968, valid until 1978, plus one of his wife and a Schleyer diary spanning the family history from 1877 to 1944 in a thrift store in Romania? Readers Emails Website Schleyer

I expressed my interest in the two passports and waiting for the owners final decision.