Unique: British Palestine Passport with Israel Stamps

This double passport is significant (passport) history and never seen before – and it’s FOR SALE! British Palestine Passport Israel

Its bearer was not just a seasoned traveler, but also this passport is including one of the earliest visas/stamps from the newly established State of Israel! These stamps, dated just 4 days after its foundation (check page 6), are a testament to a wealth of fascinating visas!

Meet Edgar “Shlomo” Frigyes, a student at the age 21 when the British Palestine passport was issued in Jerusalem on 6 April 1945. Edgar was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and lived in Haifa.

His two passports are attached together, sealed together by the issuing authority. There are plenty of visas from France, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, AMG visa with revenue stamp issued in Rome.

The latter passport was issued at the High Commission for Palestine in Rome in March 1948. Under the British Mandate (1920-1948), the whole region was known as Palestine. British Palestine Passport Israel

At that time, Shlomo lived in Rome. Especially, this passport holds the early State of Israel visas, stamped as early as 18 May 1948. The State of Israel was founded on 14 May 1948.

Page 6: State of Israel stamps from 18/19 May 1948.

Interestingly, the stamp was originally, “Seen on departure PALESTINE customs – Haifa airport, but Palestine was overwritten by ISRAEL.” The exit stamp from 19 May 1948 is completely handwritten “STATE OF ISRAEL”. British Palestine Passport Israel

Detail of page 6

It’s obvious that at this time, days after the Israeli state was founded, no sufficient stamps were available. Page 12 shows not only one of the first “State of Israel” stamp, but also one of the very first consular stamps – here the consulate in Rome.

Here are some more selected examples of Shlomo’s unusual double passport. British Palestine Passport Israel