Lidgerwood Passport

4 March, 2015

THIS is the passport of global businessman William van Vleck Lidgerwood—one of the founders of the Washington Association of New Jersey. Lidgerwood spent most of his active business career traveling in Europe and South America and more than likely had more than one of these documents during his life. As a world traveler, Lidgerwood was exposed to the extensive history of Western Europe and the America’s and saw himself...

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Tränenpalast РBorder Crossing РEast Germany

1 March, 2015

The Tränenpalast (English: “Palace of Tears”) is the Berlin colloquialism for the former border crossing at Berlin Friedrichstraße station, where East Germans said goodbye...

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Palestine Certificate Of Naturalization 1942

26 February, 2015

Palestine Certificate Of Naturalization 1942 Without this document you could not get a British Palestine passport or ID card so it’s related to passport...

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Olympic Gold Medal Winner & Wife Saved by R.Wallenberg

23 February, 2015

An very interesting document set is currently offered which is truly rare to find. An RAOUL WALLENBERG SCHUTZ-PASS (protection pass) and another second document...

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Should you repair your collectibles?

23 February, 2015

Recently I was asked “How to repair a torn passport cover?” I answered as follows: This cover bears the passport number which you find...

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Edouard Drouyn de Lhuys

18 February, 2015

Edouard Drouyn de Lhuys (19 November 1805 – 1 March 1881) was a French statesman and diplomat, born at Melun in the department of...

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Nansen Passport For A Beauty

14 February, 2015
Nansen Estonia 1933 Beauty-007

Issued for 19 year old girl Tamara Matskevitch in Tallinn, Estonia. Excellent condition with great photo of Tamara. Several extensions of her document. Hard...

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Titles included in British passports

8 February, 2015

Did you know? For detailed information on the correct use of titles that may be recorded on the personal details page of the passport,...

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The curious case of Fred Lepkin

5 February, 2015
Fred Lepkin curious case

Fred Lepkin is a Canadian historian and an avid genealogist on the quest to uncover his family history. How I got in contact with...

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Farrah Fawcett Passport Sold for $14.000

2 February, 2015

The latest result on a celebrity passport and at least for me at a rather high level. You might remember her from the TV...

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