One Of Varian Fry’s “Passport To Freedom”

31 August, 2015

Following up on my previous article “Surrender On Demand – Varian Fry In Nazi Occupied France” I was able to get now some pictures of such a fake passport organized by Fry and his team from the Emergency Rescue Committee (ERC). Thanks to a Czech fellow collector who guided me to the source. What you see here is the fake Czechoslovakian passport of Ivan (here: Ivan) and Charlotte Halibut,...

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Another Nazi Service Passport

28 August, 2015

After grabbing the Captain Loewe DIENSTPASS (Service passport) documents I got offered another outstanding DIENSTPASS issued 1938 in BERLIN by the FOREIGN OFFICE (!)...

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Italian Diplomatic Passport 1943

20 August, 2015
Italy Diplomatic 1943-007

This is the first document of this type I ever could acquire and it has a beautiful hidden feature – a fantastic & unusual...

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Ebay’s (U.S.) Statement On Listing Old Passports

17 August, 2015
3 monkeys

It was actually a simple question for eBay but read by yourself how incompetent and really stupid their customer service replied. Just another proof...

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Nazi Service Passport 1943 Capt Loewe

14 August, 2015

A fantastic and unique document lot which consists on three (3) Nazi Service passports (Dienstpass) & Soldbuch of him, his daughter and wife  and letters...

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A Unique East German Passport

10 August, 2015
DDR cover

East German (GDR) passports are an interesting collection field, especially for me as German. Latest models are still frequently available after 25 years of...

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East German (GDR) Passport 1958 With USA Visa

7 August, 2015

A very interesting collectible! This East German passport was issued 1958 and was valid till 1968. The “cool” thing here is a GDR exit-visa...

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British Palestine Passport 1944 Sailor & Stamp Israel

4 August, 2015
Palestine 1944

1944, SEAMAN and with an early ISRAEL border stamp 1949! EXTREMELY RARE! This is a fantastic and most rare collectible of British Palestine –...

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The Worst eBay Experience EVER! (update)

31 July, 2015
ebay sucks

The buyer got the refund but don’t want to send me the document back but FORCE me to pay for a repair of the...

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British Ships Passport – Island Of Jersey 1753

26 July, 2015
Castle Elizabeth, Jersey. Picture by Dan Marsh

A most rare document for any passionate passport collector! A mid 18th century (!) BRITISH SHIPS PASSPORT issued at the ISLAND OF JERSEY in...

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