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Colony And Protectorate Of Aden

3 January, 2011

Colony And Protectorate Of Aden Here comes another rare passport which was currently offered Consular Stamps from GB, Switzerland, Eritrea, Egypt, Sudan, Italy, Lebanon Visas & Seals from Aden, Palestine, Eritrea, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon Complete and in good condition 32 pages Passport of Jewish man born in Cairo / Egypt with 2 photos Issued in 1940, expired in 1950 . Second issued 1948, expired on 1951 The Colony of...

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Independent State Of Croatia – Passport Types

17 February, 2014
Independent State Of Croatia – Passport Types

Independent State of Croatia – Passport Types often referred to simply by the abbreviation NDH, was a World War II puppet state of Nazi Germany established on a part of Axis-occupied Yugoslavia. The NDH was founded on 10 April 1941, after the invasion of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers. The NDH consisted of most of modern day Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with some parts of modern-day Serbia....

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First International Passports (video)

3 October, 2013

This article was first posted at my website in July 2011 now updated and republished. First International (European) passports for Steel-Coal Community officials, Luxembourg – 7 October 1953 Steel-Coal Community officials going through customs and show their national passports. At the Steel-Coal Community headquarters in Luxembourg, M. Jean Monnet hands over their new European passports to several of his organization’s staff. After ceremony Mr. Reinz (Dutch) chief of Transport...

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German Empire Passports – Guideline

26 January, 2013
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Introduction Passport Collecting is a small but fine topic within the ephemera world. By today there are only few books or other sources available which discussing/describing this very interesting area of “paper collection”. Since I established the website PASSPORT-COLLECTOR.COM in September 2010, the amount of visitor is constantly growing and the website is well recognized by collectors and other interested groups. E.g. Collectorsweekly, About.com, Wikipedia, Ephemera Society in UK...

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Passport (permit to pass) 1646, German, Duchess of Hesse

19 November, 2011

Very rare and early identification document from the final phase of the Thirty Years’ War for a duke’s messenger to Eisleben and Herringen, which probably was responsible for the conveyance of the princely annual Christmas post. – On the lower right corner is a note found on the disbursement of wages messengers (27 guilders) of 30 Januar 1647th – Anna Eleanor, daughter of the Landgrave Ludwig V of Hesse-Darmstadt...

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Visit at the Political Archive of the German Foreign Office in Berlin

13 October, 2011
Political archive

Visit at the Political Archive of the German Foreign Office in Berlin – Introduction 4 Oct 2011 I met up with Dr.Keiper who prepared many great examples for inspection. Just recently the archive got some binders from the German Diplomatic Archive in Mexico back to Berlin (see inventory list, impressive 13 Nassau (Germany) passports are included). Dr.Keiper was very supportive in my research and he was also interested to...

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Germany to honour wartime Allies ‘most important spy’

9 September, 2011

By Kate Connolly (The Telegraph.co.uk), 12:01AM BST 02 Apr 2004 A little-known German foreign ministry official described by the CIA as the most important spy of the Second World War will be honoured by his government 30 years after he died as an outcast. Fritz Kolbe was hailed by America after passing more than 1,600 top-secret Nazi documents to US agents based in Switzerland. But in Germany he was...

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Allies Sign Control Law For Germany (Video)

21 April, 2011

1945/06/14 “The Allied Control Commission for the conduct of affairs in civil Germany is brought into being by the military signatories for hte four powers who will administer the quadruple occupation of Germany. General Eisenhower signs for the United States, Marshal Montgomery for the British, Marshal Zhukov for the Soviets and General de Tassigny for France.” scenes of agreement signed at Zhukov’s headquarters in Berlin. GI’s Tour Hitler’s Headquarters...

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Recent additions to my collection

27 February, 2011

My focus is on “German passports”. Tettnang 1796 (for a french noble man escaping the french revolution) Switzerland 1923 and 2x 1927 Free City of  Danzig 1940 Free City of  Hamburg 1823 Grand Duchy of  Baden 1849 Kingdom of Württemberg 1854 Grand duchy of  Hesse 1879 Kingdom of  Hannover 1837 3rd Reich “Dienstpass” 1944 Grand Duchy of  Weimar 1876 (sadly seller reported item as “lost”(?) Several German passports 1920-1930

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German Foreign Office and War Crime…

30 December, 2010

Hitler’s Diplomats Historian Calls Wartime Ministry A ‘Criminal Organization’ In a SPIEGEL interview, historian Eckart Conze discusses the German Foreign Ministry’s contribution to the Holocaust, Nazi old-boy networks in postwar Germany and the reluctance of the German diplomatic community to address its own troublesome past. SPIEGEL: Professor Conze, for four years a commission of historians that you chaired examined the role the Foreign Ministry played in national socialism and...

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