Konrad Adenauer – Chancellor ID

A special official identity card has come to light. The document, numbered 1, was issued on February 16, 1952: “The holder of this official pass is the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs.” With its bright red cover, the Chancellor’s passport is currently on display in the Federal Chancellor Adenauer House Foundation museum in Rhöndorf. Konrad Adenauer Chancellor ID

Except for the imprint “Bundeskanzlerausweis” in black letters, the document resembles a conventional passport: The federal eagle is decorated in gold in the center of the cover. Inside, however, there is only a single double-page spread attached directly to the exterior. Provided with a black-and-white photo of Adenauer, the passport certifies him as holding the dual office of Chancellor and Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Cologne native held the position of Foreign Minister from spring 1951 to summer 1955 and the office of Chancellor. Heinrich von Brentano then took over the post. Adenauer remained Chancellor until 1963.Konrad Adenauer Chancellor ID

Konrad Adenauer Special ID
Bundeskanzlerausweis – Chancellor ID – Germany 1952

However, the ID serves its holder as a mere official certificate. A note at the bottom of the first page assures the bearer of remarkable powers: “The federal and state authorities and agencies, in particular all police authorities, are requested to support the bearer of this service card in the performance of his official duties, to grant him an unimpeded passage in the event of barriers and, if necessary, to provide him with protection and assistance. Konrad Adenauer Chancellor ID

The ID card for the Chancellor. A relic from the Adenauer era? Not at all. Chancellor Angela Merkel also carries an official ID card today, as the Federal Press Office confirmed on request. The Chancellor’s ID card is produced at the Federal Printing Office in Berlin. This is precisely where ID cards and passports are also made. While German citizens have to go to their local citizens’ office in person to get a new ID card or passport, the Chancellor’s Office takes care of the application for the designated office holder. However, the Federal Press Office is not disclosing the cost of the unique document: The document will be paid for “from the general budget of the Federal Chancellery.Konrad Adenauer Chancellor ID

Konrad Adenauer Special ID
“The holder of this official pass is the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs.” 1st Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer

And the passport has another unique feature: It does not require renewal after re-election but is issued immediately for an unlimited period. As a lovely memento of the political career, however, the document may not simply be kept: “It must be returned upon leaving office,” assures a government spokesman. However, it is not known why Adenauer’s copy was not returned to the authorities. “The ID card is part of the Adenauer estate in Rhöndorf; whether and why Adenauer was allowed to keep it has unfortunately not been handed down,” says a foundation employee. Konrad Adenauer Chancellor ID

Unlike most badges, the exclusive badge is probably rarely used. The phrase “May I see your ID, please?” certainly doesn’t come up often. “A chancellor seldom gets the embarrassment of having to show her official ID at home. The Chancellor is issued a diplomatic passport for visits abroad,” says a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Politicians, in turn, receive this from the Foreign Office. Angela Merkel also has a regular ID card and a passport. Konrad Adenauer Chancellor ID

Source: StBKAH Z-Au/B19, Stiftung Bundeskanzler-Adenauer-Haus

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