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Vatican Passports

23 June, 2011

Vatican passports are one of the rarest “travel documents” at all and be assured it’s like “once in a lifetime” if you have the chance to get such a “holy” passport for your collection. Every collector will envy you. Well, during some research I found these highly interesting items. Enjoy the article… Participating Bishops to the Second Vatican Council The gallery below shows the passport issued to the Cuban Bishop Carlos...

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Diplomacy, Vatican and WW II

25 October, 2010

AS THE CLOUDS OF WAR GATHERED again over Europe, the Knights of Columbus found themselves fighting to stay in Italy as Mussolini attempted to take over activities and organizations for Catholic youth, including the Knights’ playgrounds. Not only were the Knights able to keep the playgrounds operating in the early 1930s, they also managed to keep them running throughout World War II. When the war broke out, priests and...

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20 February, 2015

This passport type is unusual! I asked my fellow collector Tristan, who is indeed an expert in French travel documents and he also replied to me that he never saw such a type before. Issued to M. Georges Firmin-Didot, Attaché of the French Republic sent to his post at the Holy Sea (Vatican). Issued in Paris, 20. July 1880, stamp, signed by the chief of staff of the foreign...

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Carl Lutz – The Forgotten Hero

2 November, 2014
Lutz book

Here comes an outstanding and awarded video book app about Swiss Diplomat CARL LUTZ who saved sixty-thousand Jewish life’s by issuing so called “SCHUTZPÄSSE (PROTECTION LETTERS)” in Budapest in 1944. This video trailer of “Carl Lutz – The Forgotten Hero” – A film form Daniel von Aarburg (SRF) gives you the first impression of life and work of this “Righteous Diplomat”. He was one of a small group of...

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The World’s Smallest Countries

15 March, 2014

These are the world’s 20 smallest counties by population. I have / had 50% of them covered by a sample of their travel document. A San Marino just went into a collection of a Swiss fellow collector and so in the past Vatican, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Micronesia and Kiribati. Currently I still have TONGA and MARSHALL ISLANDS available! Imagine these nations issued just between 900 and 177,000 passports to their...

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Diplomats Who Saved Jews

10 February, 2012

Diplomats Who Saved Jews Importance of Documents Per Anger- Swedish Charge d’Affaires in Budapest, Hungary, 1944-45. Per Anger worked with Raoul Wallenberg in the Swedish Embassy. He personally intervened on behalf of Jews being deported to the Nazi death camps. Credited with saving thousands of Jews from the spring of 1944 until the end of the war in May 1945. Angel Sanz-Briz – Chargè d’Affaires at the Spanish Legation...

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