US Passport General Henry Goddard Thomas – Colored Troops

US Passport General Henry Goddard Thomas – Colored Troops

What a great collectible! Never saw such a fancy U.S. passport before but more important it was issued to an iconic military figure. To bad I missed to grab it!

Gen. Thomas

A post-war partly-printed passport issued to Brevet Brigadier General Henry Goddard Thomas (1837-1897), enlisted as a private in the 5th Maine in 1861 and rose to the rank of brevet brig. general and commander of U.S. Colored Troops, most notably during the Battle of the Crater. This passport was issued by the Department of State, 1p. folio, March 29, 1884, Washington, reading, in part: “…Know ye, That the bearer Brevet Brigadier General Henry G. Thomas, of the United States Army, is about proceeding abroad…permit him to pass freely…and protection as would be extended to like officers of Foreign Governments…”. Signed by FREDERICK T. FRELINGHUYSEN (1814-1885) as Secretary of State under President Chester A. Arthur. Housed in a leather slip case with gold lettering “General Thomas, U. S. Army” appearing on the outside.

leather cover

passport 1887

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US Passport General Henry Goddard Thomas – Colored Troops


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