Very happy to find this early East German (GDR) passport. Issued in Berlin 1956 and with several interesting visas and two very special visa. Only in early GDR passports maybe till 1960 you can find such “world visa”. The wall was build in Aug 1961 and traveling at least to non-communist/socialist countries were almost impossible. Exceptions only for such people like this passport holder who was traveling on “service visa” so we can assume he was somehow an “official” and party member of the SED. His travel document was once only valid till 1958 for Italy and transit countries but was then renewed till 1968, valid for all countries. A twelve-year validity of a passport at this time is quite unusual and so are his visa…

  •  GDR entry/exit visa 1956, 1958, service visa 1959
  • Sweden 1958
  • GDR entry/exit visa 1964 for Far East/South East Asia
  • BURMA 1964 issued in TOKYO (but no JAPAN visa)!
  • Congo 1965
  • Yugoslavia 1965
  • Austria 1965
  • GDR service visa 1965
  • GDR service visa to Yugoslavia via Czechoslovakia 1965
  • SWISS visa 1968 issued in Berlin on a separate paper and
    “Only valid with Olympic ID card and passport”

I could find something on the name “Wolfgang Noack” on my research and it seems he was a STASI (State security agent) with code name “Schwarzdorn”. He signed his agreement with STASI on 28. April 1953 (MfS AIM 1848/63). Source: German magazine DIE ZEIT, 2013.

A great document of early East German passport history and now one of the highlights of my GDR collection. Enjoy the gallery…