eBay Lawsuit – You Must Watch This!

eBay lawsuit must watch
During research, I stumbled over this eBay lawsuit which is insane and shows how reckless the global auction platform is acting against a Massachusetts couple (working for the press). The videos are from June 2021 resp. June 2020 but are highly interesting. Please watch and share!

Being an eBay member myself for 20+ years, I was always a critic of eBay. I, too, had heated email exchanges with them. The latest mandatory Payoneer payment system by eBay is very controversial. The online giant calls it “eBay managed payments”. As a member, you can’t choose anymore how to pay – you need to use the US-based Payoneer service. Especially for Europeans, this is a massive disadvantage as payout takes much longer than before and is converting from USD into EUR at a terrible exchange rate.

eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP) is also much under critics as it makes you pay customs duties where no customs duties apply, or you even pay double customs sometimes. Plus, GSP asks for insanely high shipping costs. I always wondered why no European entity was suing eBay and their practice for payment and global shipping.

Why the above case never got more global media attention is a riddle for me. I guess eBay spends a lot of money on “lobbying.” Finding “bad news” about the online platform is tough, but they exist. On the contrary, we can find plenty of articles that eBay is suing its partners/members. eBay lawsuit must watch

To be clear, eBay threatened this couple “..to crush them and do everything to take them down ..by whatever is necessary”. But it didn’t stop there – they received death threats! eBay lawsuit must watch

Make no mistake. These orders came from eBay’s Top level!

Six eBay Executives And Employees Charged With Threatening Natick Couple
(related video – must watch!)

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  1. Nice to see some people not bend over and lay down after these threats.
    Yes, eBay isn’t the friendly global auction platform as it used to be 25 years ago when I joined them … too bad. I liked the platform very much. Selling has become a nightmare. With current local eBay policies for USA and UK as the worst. (and they’re forcing other countries the same, we’re legally allowed) Also the search engines no longer search globally. And their support staff does not know at all about what the policies mean. When in doubt: delete and block. No discussion.

    Not only trying to get complete control over payment & shipping options. But also restricting outside eBay communication, and for that reason also monitoring eBay communication between seller & the buyer. And yes: charging all kinds of additional “government fees” to the buyer without paying the local taxes. So you pay double. And no way to request a refund.

    It’s not that funny anymore. And the larger sellers comply with eBay’s ruling. Not to lose their business…. and accepting international customers are leaving.

    Sometimes I can use a local address of a friend for delivery to get rid of all the additional ridiculous eBay fees, but I don’t want/like to pass the risk of non-delivery on them.

    1. Theo, we need to do a “Gofundme” to raise money for a European lawsuit. It’s hard for me to understand that these actions of eGreedy are not against European law.

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