German Passport – Danish Military Mission

German Passport Danish Military Mission

Passports issued in Berlin were made by the interior department due to Berlin’s special status.  Officially the young Federal Republic of Germany issued again passports since Feb 1, 1951. So this is an early issue especially for Berlin which comes in excellent condition even when traveled. The passport was only valid for two years and was extended then till 1956.  I love to get this historic document into my archive which is also a great document related to the Allied Military Forces in Germany.

I found a source in the files from the Danish State Department which describes “Danish Military Mission, Berlin: Acceptance of German Refugees from Denmark into British Zone of Germany” which gives you a good impression on the situation back then.

On 22nd October 1946, we made an agreement with the Danish Government to accept into the British Zone of Germany German Refugees who were former residents of the Zone. The figure quoted by the Danish Government was 12.000 and we have now not only completed acceptance of these 12.000 but have accepted a further 4.000 over and above this figure making a total of 16.000 in all. This is a 33 % increase on the figure quoted in our original agreement. We now hear that a further train of refugees has arrived in the British Zone which will bring the numbers received to over 17.000.

Germany Berlin 1951Germany Berlin 1951-002 Germany Berlin 1951-005  Germany Berlin 1951-003Passport Danish Military Mission  Passport Danish Military Mission

 German Passport Danish Military Mission