Faustin-Élie Soulouque (15 August 1782 – 6 August 1867) or Faustin I. He was a career officer and general in the Haitian army when he was elected President of Haiti in 1847. In 1849 he was proclaimed Emperor of Haiti under the name Faustin I. He soon purged the army of the ruling elite, installed black-skinned loyalists in administrative positions, and created a secret police and a personal army. In 1849 he created a black nobility in the country. However, his unsuccessful attempts to reconquer the neighboring Dominican Republic undermined his control and a conspiracy led by General Fabre Nicolas Geffrard forced him to abdicate in 1859.

This pretty and very rare passport was offered online recently. A collector paid $821 for this, I would say, museums piece. Travel documents of Haiti are everything else than common and if you are collecting rare quality documents then this would be definitely something you have to watch out for to extend your collection.

Also shown is another Haiti passport from 1924 which is from the collection of a fellow collector. Earlier I posted a Haiti 1955 passport which went into the collection of a US collector.

Haiti1853Haiti passport 1853, signed by Emperor Faustin

Haiti 1924Haiti passport 1924 for the Danish Vice-Consul