Iceland Diplomatic Passport – Wife Of Minister

Iceland Diplomatic Passport – Wife Of Former Minister

Iceland passports are already hard to find but an Iceland Diplomatic is most rare and this one comes full of visas and stamps, issued to Gudrun Gislason, the wife of former cabinet minister Gylfi Gislason. Her passport was issued in 1971, then three times extended, and expired in 1980. Great visas and stamps showing the frequent travel as diplomat’s wife. Several diplomatic visas from Poland and Soviet Union (which are most rare), further East Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, West Germany, and Denmark. 

This Iceland Diplomatic passport is in very good condition but the spine has some imperfection, so a few pages are taped. However, the document is overall in very collectible condition and the failures are not really disturbing at such a precious collectible.

Gylfi GislasonGYLFI GISLASON, Icelandic economist and politician of Pari. 1946-1978; Central Committee Social-Democratic Party 1942, Secretary 1946-1965; Board of Governors Iceland Bank of Development 1953-1966, Development Fund of Iceland 1966-1971, National Theatre 1954-1987; Icelandic Science Society; Nordic Council 1971-1978.

Gislason was born on February 7, 1917, in Reykjavik. Son of Thorsteinn Gislason and Thdrunn Palsdottir. Lecturer of Economics, University of Iceland 1941-1946, Professor 1946-1956. Minister of Education and Industries 1956-1958, of Education and Commerce 1958-1971. Professor, of Economics since 1972. Chairman 1965-1968, Chairman 1968-1974. Chairman Social-Democratic Pari. Group 1974-1978; President, of Pari. 1974; Governor for Iceland, International Monetary Fund 1956-1965. Governor for Iceland Institute Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1965-1971. Chairman State Research Council 1965-1971. Chairman Cultural Committee 1971-1978. Doctor Oecon. honorary degree. Married Gudrun Vilmundardottir in 1939.


The Icelandic Parliament, where Gislason was a member from 1956 to 1971, is called Althing and is the oldest parliament in the world, established 930 AD. It has 63 members and is elected for four years.

Iceland Diplomatic Passport - Wife Of Former Minister

Iceland Diplomatic Passport – Wife Of Former Minister


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