Important Raoul Wallenberg Schutzpass Found In Budapest

raoul wallenberg schutzpass

The main reason to go to Budapest, besides meeting up with Marco was to pick up an exceptional document. Some weeks ago, I was contacted via my website if I would be interested in a RAOUL WALLENBERG SCHUTZPASS (Protection letter). Yes, you read correctly. A second WALLENBERG was available within just three months! Unbelievable! I know only two passport collectors having this important document in their collection. Mainly you will find them in Holocaust Museums, but even there, they are scarce to see. Well, here is the picture of the precious collectible.

raoul wallenberg schutzpass

Eva (Léderer) Lánczi (October 18, 1918–February 25, 1988) was a soprano opera singer.
Between 1945–49, she worked at the National Theater in Szeged, and between 1949–1975 at Budapest Opera. She is buried at Farkasréti Cemetery, Budapest.

Besides this document, I could acquire two more documents, which are no less critical when it comes to life-saving documents during the Holocaust. The next two pictures are showing a CARL LUTZ – SCHUTZBRIEF. The first picture is the original, and the second picture is the original copy of the Schutzbrief, which has a printed embassy stamp and signature. By now, it is not clear for me what this copy was used for. Maybe for the embassies files? raoul wallenberg schutzpass

Schutzpass Carl Lutz

Schutzpass Carl Lutz orig copy


Until now, I was already blessed to find these three relevant documents, but the story is not yet finished…

Visiting antique bookstores in Budapest and asking for old passports can be an odd task, but if you read further, it can end in a fascinating result. To make the story short, I also found a SCHUTZBRIEF issued by the SWEDISH RED CROSS and signed by the Swedish righteous VALDEMAR LANGLET. raoul wallenberg schutzpass

Schutzbrief Swedish Red Cross signed by Langlet

WALLENBERG, LUTZ, and LANGLET are three of the most notable people saving Jews from the extermination by the Nazis. All three are most valuable when we talk about the Hungarian Jews, and the State of Israel honors all three as “Righteous among the Nations.”

Again, to make it clear – if you find one of these documents, then you should be pleased, but if you find THREE of such significant documents during your research, then you are just speechless! I am thrilled that I can again hand over some of these outstanding documents to a Holocaust foundation.


In 2005 the Carl Lutz Foundation established a Memorial Room in the former garage of the building. The building of Vadász utca 29 (street) was designed by the architect Lajos Kozma in the 30s of the last century as a business center for the Weiss family, dealer of glassware products for building construction. The Hungarian legislation banned the Jewish owner from exercising his profession. The Swiss Embassy’s Emigration Department for Representing Foreign Interest opened in the desolated building on July 24, 1944.

The Memorial Room shows a small exhibition. However, it is an interesting one, also displaying several original Schutzpasses. I do recommend a visit there.


When I was there on August 3, there was a special event “Day of Humanity” with high ranking officials, including the Hungarian Cultural Minister and German Ambassador. I could follow the speeches live by an English translation headset. Two Hungarian Jews reported about there life at this time back in 1944. They are today 95 and 105 years old.

I have to say the Holocaust exhibition is ok, but the museum is designed in very dark rooms which I didn’t like. By today I believe the Imperial War Museum (IWM) in London has still one of the best Holocaust exhibitions in Europe. I haven’t seen the museums in Washington or Jerusalem yet. raoul wallenberg schutzpass

My three day trip to Budapest was very fruitful and educational. I got new contacts to document dealers. The city was sweltering these days (up to 35°C), and now I am relaxing in refreshing Berlin, where I am writing this article. Enjoy the report and pictures.



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  1. One question. During this time, the Vatican issued a secret order that Hungarian priests were to issue a fake baptismal certificate to anyone that asked. That would be “evidence” that they were not Jewish. Is anyone collecting these documents? They’re also of historic interest.

    –Michael W. Perry, editor of Dachau Liberated

    1. Hello Michael, these documents had no value of protection by my best knowledge. The only documents which saved Jewish life were the protection passes issued by the papal nuncio (ambassador of the Vatican) Angelo Rotta. These are nowadays quite rare to find but I do have a very few in my archive. Besides the protection passes/letters from other righteous diplomats in Budapest. Cheers Tom

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