Travel Document Soviet Occupation Berlin 1947

Document Soviet Occupation Berlin

What you see here is a rare travel document of the Soviet Military Administration, Soviet Occupation Zone (SBZ), Berlin-Karlshorst 1947 for a Lieutenant Colonel traveling to Yugoslavia and back, incl Hungary and CSSR stamps. Document Soviet Occupation Berlin

Meet Lieutenant Colonel Andrej Necitailo. His travel document was issued on 25 September 1947 by the consular section of the Soviet military administration in Berlin-Karlshorst. The purpose is a journey to Yugoslavia, with Hungary and CSSR stamps/visas included. The document was valid until 10 October 1947.

Document Soviet Occupation Berlin
Rare Soviet travel document during the occupation of Germany. Berlin-Karlshorst, 25 September 1947
Detail text
Left: Visa Yugoslavia issued in Berlin on 19 Sep 1947 Right: Stamp Hungarian Legation in Prague, 27 Sep 1947 and USSR stamp
Left; Hungarian visa issued in Belgrade – Right: CSSR stamp (Belgrade), Hungarian and USSR stamps.

Such documents from the Soviets during the occupation of Germany are rare to find. Regular, let alone diplomatic passports from the USSR from WWII are almost impossible to find. Russia has declared such documents as “national cultural treasures”. As such, they can’t get out of the country. Some years ago, a Russian reader approached me with several diplomatic passports of an ambassador and family. Unfortunately, the communication ended after just a few emails. At least I got the pictures of these treasures. Document Soviet Occupation Berlin

Hence, whenever you find such documents as a collector, don’t hesitate a second – buy them!

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