The Russian Passport System (Guideline)

27 September, 2011

I am glad to present you another great guideline which was written by our fellow collector Albert Vokhmin from Russia.

 This Introduction to the Russian Passport System gives you a good overview about the complexity of such a passport system, especially considering the “Wind of change” in the former  USSR and the influence on the new established countries like Belarus, Estonia, Latvia… For me it was always confusing when I saw a USSR passport because I was never sure if it was a internal passport or a international document. Albert gives us a very good explanation including sample pictures which makes it now much easier to understand the Russian Passport System.

Albert, your work and contribution is well appreciated not only by me but I am sure also by all fellow collectors and interested parties. Thank you for this guideline.

The latest guideline can be found at the main menue GUIDELINES but it will be for sure not the last guideline you will see at

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