Collertors Meeting in Paris at the Salon du Livre-Papiers Anciens

3 November, 2011

It was already the very last day of the fair when I arrived in Paris, so my expectations were not too high to find something on passports. However I had finally the chance to met a French fellow collector which I know for some time.  I met Tristan Kolm a day before we went together to the fair at a park near the Champ Elysees. He also introduced me to two of his friends. Let’s see maybe in time our community will have two collector’s more. Tristan told me about is items of desire which are mainly passports but also chocolate wrappers(!).  Yes, you can collect everything ;-) Tristan has a wide range of passports with focus on North Africa and related documents. At that day I could deliver to him in person his latest addition to his collection which he just recently bought from me – a Travel Document of the French Protectorate in Morocco, issued in 1955. We had a nice chat about our common hobby and I could see Tristan is a serious and passionate collector with a excellent knowledge on the items he collect. We made a appointment for the fair the next day.

Well, personally I was not so much impressed of the fair but as said earlier it was already the very last day. You could find plenty of old books, photographs, art and old paper but not so much on passports. Even Tristan told me he always find something as he is a regular visitor of this fair. Also Guy was one week earlier there and could find some nice collectibles. The few items I saw were all from France and rather on a high price level. I discussed with Tristan if it might be a idea to have a “shared” table of fellow passport collector’s and to “promote” our hobby. Also we both agreed that there should be a “International Passport Collector’s Meeting” in near future. We believe it is possible if we do some planing well in advance. Maybe in Prague where we would have a nice environment and inexpensive flights…

The following pictures I made during our meeting at the fair as Tristan also showed me some examples of his collection.

Entrance at ESPACE CHAMPERRETnot too busy…Tristan shows here a Swiss “Wanderbuch” and Passport in excellent condition
ca. 1840, incl. original protection cover

Early Menorca (Balearic Island) passport…

Swiss passport, Canton Graubuenden 1842

Swiss passport, Geneva ….

Swiss passport of independant Geneva….
Fellow collectors, Tristan & Tom – French/German collaboration

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2 Responses to Collertors Meeting in Paris at the Salon du Livre-Papiers Anciens

  1. Ed Hands on 4 November, 2011 at 19:44

    Good to see that there is more to Franco-German cooperation than just Sarkozy and Merkel. And Prague sounds interesting…
    Edward H, London

    • admin on 4 November, 2011 at 22:26

      Nice said, Ed. Thanks ;-)

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