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Rare Republic of German-Austria Passport

German-Austria territory

Here comes a wonderful and rare collectible in excellent condition. Once again I have to thank my friend F.M. in supporting me to grab this pretty historical document. The Republic of German-Austria (German: Republik Deutschösterreich or Deutsch-Österreich) was created following…

German Field Marshal – Erhard Milch


Erhard Milch was one of Hitler’s senior Luftwaffe officers during World War Two. Milch played a key role in building up the Luftwaffe pre-1939 and he took credit for the part played by it during the invasions of Norway and…

Unique Croatian Collective Passport


Unique Croatian collective passport from February 1941 Zbyšek Šustek, Slovak Numismatic Society at Slovak Academy of Sciences Recently I have enriched my collection with a collective passport issued on 1 February 1941 to the Croatian ice hockey team for its…