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SINGAPORE Passport Act

19 April, 2014

SINGAPORE has one of the toughest laws on passports world wide, I would even say THE toughest! Especially part V is dealing with offenses and penalties and these are severe! Look at the following offense. Selling Singapore passport, etc., Division 2 — Offenses, 42. (1)  A person who sells a Singapore passport or a Singapore travel document shall be guilty of an offense and shall be liable on conviction to...

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New Passport Guideline Online – The Singapore Passport

9 November, 2012
The Singapore Passport

I am glad to inform you that the presentation “The Singapore Passport” given by our fellow collector Gil at the First International Passport Collectors Meeting in Berlin is now online and available for everybody. The presentation gives you a good impression of the Singapore passport history from Colonial Times to Independence. Just click on the picture to enter the page with even more educating guidelines. Enjoy…

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Collectors Meeting in Singapore (4)

22 October, 2012
Marshall Islands

Again I could meet my fellow collector in Singapore where we spend time together discussing about travel documents at the German restaurant “Brotzeit” where we start our meeting. This time I had also the chance to see his collection which is not only a large one with many quality and rare items but also well archived. It is already the fourth passport collectors meeting in Singapore. Due to the...

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Collectors Meeting in Singapore

2 June, 2011

During my trip to Singapore I meet up with a Swiss fellow collector. A passionate collector with focus on Czechoslovakia, Judaica and Emigrant passports. We already had good email contact earlier and shared often ideas and opinions. We spend a excellent time together by sharing our experience and knowledge. I saw some great examples of his collection of around 400 items. Some of his “treasures” I saw also for...

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4 October, 2014

KEESING TECHNOLOGIES (AMSTERDAM, NL) article about passport collecting & passport history for The Journal of Documents & IdentityHOLOCAUST MEMORIAL CENTER (MI, USA) consultation on Holocaust documentsTHE EPHEMERA SOCIETY (LONDON, UK)Tom Topol’s excellent website is always up-to-date with the latest news on passports and their historyarticle in THE EPHEMERIST about passport collecting & passport history NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (EDINBURGH, UK) support in acquiring a significant historic Scottish passportFOYLES WAR...

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15 September, 2014

Literature about passport history or passport collecting is rare to find therefor you will get here valuable guidelines written by experienced collectors. Are you a specialist in some passport collection field then you are very welcome to contact me to share your guideline with us. Thanks to all contributors. 1. German Empire Passports 2. Allied Military Travel Permits For Occupied Germany 3. Spanish Passports (Part I) (II) (III)  (IV)...

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Passport To Crime – Channel News Asia Report

23 March, 2014

“Passport to crime ” is the title of a TV report by Singapore based news channel  – a brief and very flat report on passport fraud related to missing Malaysian flight MH0370 last week. Thailand and especially the city of Pattaya seems to be a hot spot for passport fraud. Beside the repetition of all the facts which were already in the media for weeks, the report revealed nothing...

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Historical Atlas Of The British Empire and Commonwealth

16 October, 2013
Historical Atlas Of The British Empire and Commonwealth

Historical Atlas Of The British Empire and Commonwealth To fully appreciate the significance of the Commonwealth, Britain’s global position, it is important to understand its origins from the British Empire.  Technically, there have been three empires, the first in France, lost by 1558; the second in North America, which became the United States of America after 1776; and the third was global, which became the modern Commonwealth of Nations...

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Passport Collecting – What is it all about?

31 March, 2013

This was one of the presentattions from our passport collectors meeting in Berlin last year. Enjoy! Passport collecting – What is it all about? The Collection & Documentation of a Great Collector Passport collector Peter Linnepe Germany presented by http://www.passport-collector.com First Int. Passport Collectors Meeting Berlin 12-13 May 2012 presented by http://www.passport-collector.com WELCOME My intention to build passport-collector.com… 1. There was nothing for my needs! 2. Promote Passport collecting...

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28 December, 2012

INTERPOL has developed its first ever travel documents (e-Passport Booklet and e-Identification Card). These are intended to enable INTERPOL officials, chiefs of law enforcement agencies, heads of National Central Bureaus and staff to travel internationally on official INTERPOL business without requiring a visa when assisting in transnational investigations or urgent deployments. Granting the INTERPOL Travel Document special visa status will help law enforcement officers from INTERPOL member countries and...

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