The Passports of Sir Thomas C. Spenser-Wilkinson

Passports Thomas Spenser-Wilkinson
Sir Thomas Crowe Spencer-Wilkinson
Passports Thomas Spenser-Wilkinson
Four passports including a Straits Settlement type
Here are four canceled British Passports all belonging to Sir Thomas Crowe Spencer-Wilkinson, born in 1899 and a naval officer during WW1 in the rank of a Lieutenant Commander, then Chief Justice in Nyasaland in the late ’50s. The 1919 passport is full of stamps, 2nd passport expired in 1930 (renewed until 1935, 3rd passport issued in 1937, these two are much-traveled and include plenty of visas and stamps. The fourth passport was issued in 1980 and was his final passport. The 1937 issued passport is the most special one – COLONY OF THE STRAITS SETTLEMENTS!
Passports Thomas Spenser-Wilkinson
His 1919 British passport
Passports Thomas Spenser-Wilkinson
The 1930s passports… Passports Thomas Spenser-Wilkinson
…with plenty of visas and stamps

Straits Settlements, former British crown colony on the Strait of Malaccacomprising four trade centers, PenangSingaporeMalacca, and Labuan, established or taken over by the British East India Company. The British settlement at Penang was founded in 1786, at Singapore in 1819; Malacca, occupied by the British during the Napoleonic Wars, was transferred to the East India Company in 1824. The three territories were established as a crown colony in 1867. Labuan, which became part of Singapore Settlement in 1907, was constituted a fourth separate settlement in 1912. Passports Thomas Spenser-Wilkinson

The Straits colony, occupied by Japanese during World War II, was broken up in 1946 when Singapore became a separate crown colony. Singapore attained full internal self-government in 1959, became a part of Malaysia in 1963, and became an independent republic in 1965. Labuan was incorporated in North Borneo (later Sabah) in 1946, which in turn became a part of Malaysia in 1963. Penang and Malacca were included in the Malayan Union in 1946, the Federation of Malaya in 1948, and Malaysia in 1963.

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Passports Thomas Spenser-Wilkinson


Colony Of North Borneo

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