25 Years Fall Of The Wall – A Unique Passport

Do you remember where you have been when the wall was falling? Instantly I wanted to travel to Berlin from my city in South Germany to join this historical event of my generation – but I couldn’t. I took me till May 1990 when I was able to enter East Germany (DDR) for the very first time. My family didn’t had any relatives in the DDR but I had a pen pal for years as we shared the same hobby – collecting coins.  The wall was down but the East German borders were still in place. I keep my Federal German passport safe with this DDR border stamp. It’s history, it’s German history and it’s MY history. TODAY, Nov 9, 2014 GERMANY is celebrating 25 years of the FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL!

Besides early DDR passports which you can find online at my website I like to share this unique DDR passport. One of a kind indeed! Why? Because it was still used for travelling after the reunification in Oct 1990. Impossible? Possible, because the German Reunification Treaty stated that DDR passports are valid latest until Dec 31, 1995. Yes you read right! They remained valid for another 5 years AFTER reunification.

Look at the document. Issued in Berlin March 3th, 1990 and officially expired 10 years later in 2000 at the same date. The passport was issued to a man from KARL-MARX-STADT (today Chemnitz). We can see stamps from Hungary in 1993 + 1994, in 1994 he moved to the city of Nürmberg (see stamp).  He had frequent travels to Hungary to the border town of Hegyeshalom which is close to the Austrian border and less than 15km away from the Slovak border.

The last stamp in his passport from Hungary was stamped Nov 18, 1994. I believe you will not find such documents frequently as usually everybody was keen to get a German passport after the reunification. So it’s indeed ONE OF A KIND!

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