British King’s Courier Passport Of Ernest Frederick Gye

British King’s Courier Passport Of Ernest Frederick Gye

This British King’s courier passport was issued on 7th December 1910 for travel to St. Petersburg, Russia, maybe in connection with the arrival of Sir George Buchanan the new British Ambassador. The King’s courier was Ernest Frederick Gye who was also ambassador in Tangier in 1933 and from 1936 to 1939 in Venezuela. Gye’s mother was the singer Dame Emma Albani and his father was Ernest Gye, the lessee of Covent Garden theatre. Gye entered the Foreign Office in 1903, became Second Secretary in
1908 and Councillor in 1924. He served for some years in Tehran in the earlier part of his career before being appointed Minister and Consul General in Tangier in 1933. Three years later he was made Minister Plenipotentiary in Venezuela, retiring in 1939.

UK Kings Messenger 1910
Such a courier passport is beside ordinary and nowadays hard to find. This document is also in excellent condition, issued to a diplomat with a career of thirty six years in several post around the world. This is only the third document I believe of this type I saw in over fifteen years of research and collecting.
British King’s Courier Passport Of Ernest Frederick Gye
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