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British Guiana & Guyana (Republic)
Two nice passports not only for British collectors!
British Guiana 1961 (very rare) €350

Not traveled, very good condition, $5 revenue stamp. Upper right cover corner has a crack but is complete and not detached.

Republic of Guyana 1971 (rare) €150

Some stamps (Trinidad & Tobago), very good condition, 2 x $5 revenue stamps

Take a tour of historical passport collecting

By: Tom Topol | November 2, 2017

Did you already read my latest article for the ANTIQUE TRADER MAGAZINE, the largest magazine on the topic in USA?
Upper Silesia Plebiscite Passport 1921 (very rare) – €400
Read all the details here
If you are interested in WWII and Axis Powers then THIS is a great document for you!
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The Independent State of Croatia (CroatianNezavisna Država Hrvatska, NDHGermanUnabhängiger Staat KroatienItalianStato Indipendente di Croazia) was a World War II fascist puppet state of Germany and Italy. It was established in parts of occupied Yugoslavia on 10 April 1941, after the invasion by the Axis powers.
The document is in good condition but with some tears at the cover and page 2 and 39. However, complete and full of visas. Seems the visa on page 7 was transferred from another document. A total of 18 visa plus 2-3 resident permits. The passport was issued in Zagreb on 21 June 1943, last entry was 26 Oct 1944 German Border Police. €220
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Japanese passport from this time after WWII are nowadays rare to find. They had real leather covers and golden imprint. Truly a representative passport. This document was issued to Master Junichi Sakuma (James W. Markle) on 21 Dec 1956. The boy was just 3 years old and was traveling to the USA for permanent residence. No stamps in passport, which is in excellent condition. A great document for your collection. €120

  • Finland Alien SPECIMEN 2006
  • USA permit to re-enter 1994
  • Israel 2005
  • Polish People’s Republic SPECIMEN
    Wkladka Paszportowa Wielokrotna
  • Soviet 1990
  • Japan standard SPECIMEN (1970’s?)
  • Japan official SPECIMEN (1970’s?)
  • Japan diplomatic SPECIMEN (1970’s?)


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