Early East Germany 1950s Passports

early East German passports
While reviewing my East German (GDR) passport collection I found out that I have far more documents than on my collection list. I guess I was a bit sloppy documenting all my acquisitions over the years. I also did some archive research and found some good leads to very early GDR passport topics. The numbers in brackets are the archive numbers.

Otto Grotewohl, the first prime minister of the GDR, contributed to the COA design himself. His first design was reflected in the first drafts of passports. The compass was still missing but the hammer and corn garland were Grotewohl’s design.* Book: Der ehemalige Preussische Landtag…, Siegfried Hermann, 20014, page 64

The German Federal Archive has the estate of Grotewohl (NY 4090/3) and documents also several diplomatic passports. Without an archive visit, it’s not possible to see when they were issued. I am not sure if the below-mentioned early passports were still without a compass as I have never seen such early passport types. The earliest GDR passport in my collection is from June 1955, the year when ordinary citizens were able for the first time to get a passport. I have never seen a passport before June 1955! early East German passports

9 January 1950, the ZK discussed the first draft of regulation for diplomatic and service passports (DY 30/J IV 2/3/77).
17 February 1950, the ZK released provisions for diplomatic and service passports (DY 30/J IV 2/3/85).

early East German passports
Model 1959
GDR Diplomatic passport
1950s diplomatic ID card

24 March 1950 topic one in the protocol (DY 30/J IV 2/3/95) was listed: Service passports for a GDR delegation to the USSR. I did not found out yet who the members of the delegation were. early East German passports

Dienstpass (Service passport) model 1957

1 February 1951 (DY 30/J IV 2/3/171) documents as point 27 in the protocol the issuance of a service passport for comrade Heinz Willman. Heinrich (“Heinz”) Willmann (* July 9, 1906 in Unterliederbach; † February 22, 1991 in Berlin) was a German KPD functionary. In the GDR, he was a functionary in the Kulturbund and the Peace Council, as well as a diplomat. early East German passports

4 October 1951 (DY 30/J IV 2/3/238) lists as topic twenty-four of the meeting the issuance of a service passport for comrade Oskar Fischer. Oskar Fischer (* March 19, 1923, in Asch, Czechoslovakia; † April 2, 2020, in Berlin was a German politician (SED). He was Minister of Foreign Affairs of the GDR from 1975 to 1990.

3 June 1952 (DY 30/J IV 2/3/295) lists as topic eight of the protocol the issuance of a passport for comrade Fritz Beyling. Fritz Beyling (* January 4, 1909, in Burgörner; † February 9, 1963, in Berlin) was an editor and German politician (KPD/SED) and resistance fighter against National Socialism. In 1947, he was elected state chairman of the Association of Persecuted Nazis (VVN) in Saxony-Anhalt. From 1951 to 1953, Beyling was secretary-general of the VVN and vice president of the Fédération Internationale des Résistants (FIR). passport issues East Germany

Model 1955

early East German passports