German Alien Passport 1942

I have seen plenty of German Alien passports and I do also have several in my archive but this one is an unusual new addition. 90% or even more were issued to forced laborers and stateless people and functioned rather as a resident permit within “The Reich”, than as a travel document. Alien passports with foreign travels are very rare. Very few of my documents are with foreign travels e.g. to Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Italy, and Switzerland.

This document was issued in Budweis 1942 to Anna Lepova, Hungarian national and I assume also forced laborer as her occupation is stated as “agricultural worker”. Budweis was then part of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Her passport was three times extended and has several resident permits for the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. A rare document of passport history.

Attached to her Alien passport is a “Control card for foreign mail transactions”. These control cards had the purpose to limit the mail exchange to foreign countries, only two letters were allowed per month (with max. two pages), the sender had to identify himself at the post office. Foreign mail exchange was then stamped in the control card. (Source: Reichsgesetzblatt 1944-1-1)

German Alien Passport
The passport number indicates that this was the 246. document issued in 1942
Anna was from Hungary and just 23 years young
Passport issued in Budweis 12 Nov 1942 with several extensions
Here, two residence permits for the Reich

German Alien Passport 1942