An Interpol Travel Document is a travel document issued to Interpol officers for travel to Interpol member countries. They are intended to reduce response times for personnel deployed to assist with transnational criminal investigations, major events or emergency situations by waiving normal visa requirements. The travel documents consist of an e-Passport Booklet and an e-Identification Card identifying the holder as an Interpol officer, granting them special immigration status when travelling on official Interpol duties to participating member countries. The Interpol Travel Document initiative proposal was approved by Interpol’s Executive Committee in March 2009 and was unanimously ratified by Interpol member countries at the 79th Interpol General Assembly in Doha in November 2010.



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As of July 2013, the travel documents are accepted in both its forms (e-Passport Booklet and/or e-Identification Card) to be used in conjunction with a valid national passport by 62 of Interpol’s 190 member countries with a further 115 in the process of recognizing them within the limits of their national laws.It is anticipated by Interpol that 100 members will have recognized the documents in time for Interpol’s 83rd General Assembly in Monaco in November 2014, which will mark the 100th anniversary of the first International Criminal Police Congress.

Well, I question the purpose of such a document. This Interpol Travel Document can only be used in conjunction with a valid national passport plus as they police officers they will have also some kind of police ID. So they travel with three different documents around the world, considering the Interpol ID card it’s even four different documents – for what?

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