Did you know?

Nepalese passports are issued to the citizens of Nepal for international travel. The Nepalese passport was hand written before late 2010 until many incidents of forged passports came to light. Nepal has  introduced Machine readable passport from 26 December 2010 and is one of the few countries  still not issuing biometric passports (ePassports). Nepalese passports are stamped with the label mentioning “Not Valid for Travel to Iraq”.

All traditional hand written passports will be honored as a bona fide travel document issued by the Nepalese Government until 24 November 2015. All traditional passports must be withdrawn from circulation by November 2015.

Applicants for Nepalese passports are required to pay the authorized passport issuing office a sum of NPR 10,000.00 (US $104 today) as fees for an ordinary passport for urgent processing and NPR 5,000 (US $52) for normal processing. Urgent processing is done by the ministry of foreign affairs and takes 7 days. Normal processing takes around 5 to 6 weeks and is done from the Chief District officer’s office. However, the Official and the Diplomatic passports are exempted from fees.

Passports are not needed by citizens of India and Nepal to travel within each others country by land, but some identification may be required for border crossing.

I do have a older version of the document issued 1996 in my collection. The document was valid for 5 years and was expired in 2001. 48 pages. To have a Nepalese obsolete passport in a collection is surely something special as you don’t find them frequently.

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