LET PASS OR DIE is an educational + entertaining BOOK about the HISTORY of the PASSPORT. On 350 pages you will find amazing stories + 180 astonishing pictures which are impossible to use today - well, almost... #passport #passporthistory #oldpassport ISBN 978-3-9820864-0-8


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These pages contain insights on selected and rare examples of passports from the past, along with fantastic stories and astonishing passport pictures. Furthermore, you will obtain insight into the value of old passports, including the most highly valued passport ever sold. We discuss historical people, ordinary people, celebrities, heroes, and criminals. You will be surprised by the beautiful passport picture of a young Japanese woman in her Kimono during the time of the Japanese Empire and some remarkable passports from countries which are no longer exist. However, you will also learn about current modern passports and the future of travel documents. LET PASS OR DIE

The passport photo is since “just” 100 years a significant characteristic of any issued passport. The variations of photos were extensive when introduced in 1915 and everything was possible. The exact date for launching the passport photo in German passports by law was 1 January 1915.

Tom Topol is a recognized expert and author on passports and their history in the security printing industry and has studied the topic for more than 15 years. Tom is a member of both the Ephemera Society of America and the Ephemera Society of the United Kingdom. LET PASS OR DIE


Table of Contents & Sample pages
I am sure you will find the book most intriguing
353 pages / 183 pictures


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The book title is referring to the inscription of the Imperial passport of Kublai Khan
“I am the emissary of the Khan. If you defy me, you die.”

1240 A.D.

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