Pass- and Service book

When I first spotted the document I thought it’s a Wander book but actually this one is a pass- and service book of a maid. But at the same time, it’s also a service book, passport, and a citizenship document. I have seen many such books but not in this combination. Wander books (journeyman books) were only issued in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Probably the same is valid for this Passbook. At least I never saw such ones from other countries. So this might be a “German” thing. Pass- and Service book

The book was issued 1863 to twenty years old Maria Eva Koch which “…want to work in the city of Freiburg as a maid”. The book is valid for an indefinite time. On page one, you see three stamps. A Baden blind stamp, a tax stamp, and the stamp of the local government office. Page three confirms Maria holds the Baden citizenship and pages 6-9 showing places of employment and the relevant local office stamps.

Pass- and Service book Pass- and Service book Passbook Passbook

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