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It might be interesting for you to know that my passport database is one of the largest established. Of course, I know collectors which following this hobby much longer than I do and they have much more items in their own collection than I have in mine, but I don`t know how they are organized. Basically I always do pictures/scans of the documents I get on my desk. I believe a good collection documentation is crucial for every collector today, not only for insurance reasons but also you need to know what you have, how much you paid and when, right?

But which collector started to register his items of desire 20 years ago in a computer? I guess only a few ones and today to follow up is not a easy task and takes a lot of efforts.

My database is founded on software which allows you easy to organize, edit and share all your photos. I really like this tool as it is easy to handle, free of charge and it gives me all I need. Currently I have more than 23.000 passport pictures from 185 countries in my database and growing constantly.

So if you are looking for some passport references just drop me some line and if I don’t have it I am sure my fellow collectors will support.

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