Passport French Ambassador Copenhagen 1757

Friedrich Wilhelm von Wedel-Jarlsberg

Passport issued to Frederik Wilhelm von Wedel-Jarlsberg, chamberlain to the Danish king and later a prominent writer, who traveled from Copenhagen to Hanover and Bremen as an emissary of the Chamber of Finance accompanied by four servants. Ogier signed as French ambassador to the Danish court, a post he held from 1752 to 1766. Frederik Wilhelm Freiherr von Wedel-Jarlsberg was born in Jarlsberg, Westfold, Norway on 7 Mar 1724 to Fredrik Anton I Wedel Jarlsberg and Louise Friederike Amalie Christiane Charlotte Emerentia von Raben. Wedel had been married since 1748 to Charlotte Amalie von Bülow (1719-1780), a daughter of the Danish major Friedrich von Bülow and Anna Salome Westring. His wife had previously been a lady-in-waiting to the Danish Princess Charlotte Amalia. Wedel had five children, including his daughter Juliana, who was married to the Russian diplomat Johann von Mestemacher. Passport French Ambassador Copenhagen

Jean François Ogier

Jean-François Ogier (September 18, 1703 – February 23, 1775, Paris), known as “President Ogier”, was a French magistrate and diplomat. During the Seven Years’ War (1754 and 1756-63), he organized fleet units for the French Navy to deliver supplies and munitions to the French colonies and Canada under a neutral Danish flag. After his return to Paris, he worked in the position of Chancellor of State until his death. Ogier was one of the great mineral collectors of his time: during his years in the diplomatic service, he had collected pieces from Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and the Harz Mountains. Passport French Ambassador Copenhagen

After his death, the collection was auctioned by Couturier and Remy: the 36-page auction catalog lists 134 lots of minerals and 163 shells and other objects. A bronze bust of Ogier (by Jacques-François-Joseph Saly) is kept in the Copenhagen State Museum of Art.


French passport 1757, Copenhagen with red Wax seal

Mid 18th Century passports are not often to find, especially such one in fine condition and of such notable characters.
Passport French Ambassador Copenhagen

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