A Rare Find! NS-German Passports Issued in Ljubljana

A Rare Find! NS-German Passports Issued in Ljubljana

A document set of two German passports issued 1938 at the German Consulate in Ljubljana / Laibach. The population then was only around 60.000 citizens and it´s interesting that Nazi-Germany had a Consulate there. Surely not many passports were issued there during the NS period hence these two documents a pretty rare to find and they come in an excellent condition.

A Rare Find! NS-German Passports Issued in Ljubljana

In 1941, during World War II, Fascist Italy occupied the city, and on 3 May 1941 made Ljubljana the capital of an Italian Provincia di Lubiana with the former Yugoslav general Leon Rupnik as mayor. After the Italian capitulation, Nazi Germany with SS-general Erwin Rösener and Friedrich Rainer took control in 1943, but formally the city remained the capital of an Italian province until 9 May 1945. In Ljubljana, the occupying forces established strongholds and command centers of Quisling organizations, the Anti-Communist Volunteer Militia under Italy and the Home Guard under German occupation. Since February 1942, the city was surrounded by barbed wire, later fortified by bunkers, to prevent co-operation between the resistance movement that operated within and outside the fence.

After World War II, Ljubljana became the capital of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia, part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Since 1985, the a commemorative trail has ringed the city where this iron fence once stood. Postwar reprisals resulted in a number of mass graves in Ljubljana. It retained this status until Slovenia became independent in 1991.

Ljubljana is also the birthplace of Donald Trumps wife, Melania.

A Rare Find! NS-German Passports Issued in Ljubljana



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