Rare Liechtenstein passport 1915

Rare Liechtenstein passport issued in 1915


the tiny Principality between Germany, Switzerland, Austria-Hungary, and Italy had in 1915 only 8700 citizens, but how many had a passport then? I believe maybe 10% of the population, which ends up at approximately 900 passports. To find such a passport is a big joy, and it’s a highlight for any collector. The document is not only in excellent condition but also shows four different passport pictures of its bearer, a woman, traveling to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria-Hungary. Several visas are included and probably due to wartime measures she had to deliver several times a new passport photo for her visas. It’s pretty unusual to find a passport with such a high amount of passport photos. Also, the Austrian-Hungary embassy in Munich added another sixteen extra visa pages to her passport of the original sixteen pages. Lastly, there is also a Liechtenstein revenue stamp of 50 Heller on page one.

But wait, there is the passport number 2061, which means that this amount of passports were issued in 1915. At least for that year, it brings the share of passport holders to 23%, which is still a low number. And how many of these passports survived till today, 2019 – almost 100 years later?

Anna’s passport was issued in Vaduz on 30 March 1915, in the early days of passport booklets and of the passport photos. Anna was 36 years old when her travel document was issued. Her eyes were blue-grey, brown hairs, and she was of middle size statue. Even a small scar on her left cheek is documented in the passport. All stamps and visas are crisp and clear, which adds value to the generally excellent condition of this beautiful historical travel document.


I asked the Liechtenstein passport office if they can provide some historical data on its passport history. Once they reply, I will update the article.

Rare Liechtenstein passport issued in 1915